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CareerPrep is an instructional site geared toward high school, college students, and grads to help them with the job interview process and job search. It takes a step-by-step approach using articles and short micro-lessons which deliver valuable interview tips, takeaways and skills that can be applied in your job search. Each video lesson builds on the other and increases your knowledge and abilities to position you for success in your new career.

The site also offers a comprehensive blog with interview tips and video lessons to offer you the must needed knowledge to get you prepared for your interview. All of the content is developed by teachers, HR professionals, and job hunters like yourself. We know what you need to be successful. Come be career prepped by the best and feel fully confident and ready to start your job search and the interview process.

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High School & College Focused

Interview tips & job search content focused on the high school and college level.

Step-By-Step Learning Approach

Learn how to deal with every aspect of interview and job search process.

Micro-Lessons – Quick Takeaways

All lessons are under 6 minutes and offer an immediate takeaway.

We Know What You Need to Succeed

Developed by teachers, HR recruiters, & job hunters. Career prepped by the best.

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