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How It Started

I have always been a huge fan of education and its dissemination. Recently, I founded Agifall as a learning experiment to help aspiring project managers achieve certification. I’m also a co-founder and a Product Manager at EnglishKey, an EdTech company that teaches business English worldwide and offers online learning and teaching platforms to students, teachers, and schools.

From my experience leading EnglishKey, I’ve had the chance to build and onboard multiple remote teams and hire teachers from all over the world.

Other Training Programs

I also helped create multiple training programs for teachers and students and launched one of the top selling courses at EnglishKey – Job Interview Training. With this job interview course, thousands of students have had the opportunity to feel prepared and more confident in the job interview process and have interviewed with success.

While my time working at both companies has been fun, challenging, and an every-day learning experience, I now strive to reach and help a new group of people with the job interview process: High schoolers, college students, and grads.

CareerPrep Is Born

CareerPrep, is a micro-learning course and blog that takes a step-by-step approach to the job search and interview process and breaks down each step into a bite-sized, short lesson, with an immediate takeaway. These lessons consist of videos, texts, pictures, screen recordings, all to help students know exactly what to do at each phase! The comprehensive blog articles take job hunters through each stage of the job interview and job hunt.

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Philip Chesney

Philip Chesney

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