Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel?

Are You Willing To Relocate or Travel

Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel?

As you go through the interview process, there will be times when you will be asked this question, “Are you willing to relocate or travel?” There are a few different ways you can answer this question, but one thing is for sure, the interviewer is checking how much you really want the position. Are you enthusiastic about the role? In most cases, you will know if there is travel or the possible need to relocate from the job description. Even if it is not mentioned in the job description, you should already know your position about this and be ready to answer the question.

How Should I answer This Question?

You need to be sincere. This is the number one tip. Sincerity goes a long way. You should always be enthusiastic about the position and the offer whether you are willing to move forward or not. Think about it this way: even if the position is not for you, you never know if the company has another position that is more appropriate for your skills. So, you don’t want to burn bridges.

You need to be straightforward when you answer this question. Honesty is key. This helps you avoid issues down the road. Imagine you get hired for the position and you clearly said that you would be willing to relocate or travel. Then when it comes time, you say that you are no longer willing to. This will not set well with HR and they will probably start searching for your replacement.

It is important to ask questions about relocation and travel during the interview process. Even if there is nothing mentioned in the description, ask! This will help you decide if it is the right position for you. Maybe you are someone who enjoys being at home on the weekends or having dinner with your family each night. There is no problem at all with that, just don’t pick a profession that demands you be on the road 70% of the time. It is not going to be a good fit unless you are willing to change your lifestyle. If you are willing to travel, make sure you see how often travel will occur.

3 Different Approaches to Answer – Are You Willing To Relocate or Travel?

Answer Yes!

You are willing to relocate or travel for the company. You may demonstrate your knowledge of the company here and show that you have done your homework and understand how the business works. “From my 2 years at P&G in the sales department, I strongly feel that I am a great fit for this position and I would be happy to travel 50% of the time or even relocate at a later point in time if needed.

Answer Maybe!

Don’t worry, this should not eliminate you. One thing you must understand is that you don’t know much about the relocation yet and what it entails. It is now important that you ask specific questions like, “Is this a temporary relocation or permanent?” “Is travel 80% of the time or just 20%?, I wasn’t quite sure from the description.” Discover the facts. After all, these things will affect your decision in wanting to continue with the hiring process. Additionally ask, “Will the company offer me financial help for these trips?” “Is relocation only in the US, or is it international?”

Your answer might be something like,

“I am quite interested in growing my career at this company and being a part of this great cause. I am open to considering relocation. Would it be here in the US, if yes, any particular states, or are we talking international? Is it a temporary relocation or for an extended period?”

Answer No.

You can answer no and remember, this is not necessarily a deal breaker. Make sure you are honest and mention that you would be open to it in the future under the right circumstances. You might frame your answer like, “Unfortunately, I am unable to relocate now. I am however, still very interested in the position and see the value that I can bring to the organization. If things change in the future, I would consider relocating.”

I Am Not Sure If I Am Willing to Relocate or Travel

It is very common to have some level of doubt when thinking about this question, “Am I willing to relocate?” If you are married, discuss it with your spouse and family. Try to find out how this will affect the family and if it is even financially viable. Talk with other friends and colleagues who have relocated and / or traveled in the past for companies. Try to understand what their experience was like. Ask them if they can offer you any tips. I know this one may sound strange to some people, but check out answers on Quora. Look up questions like, “Should I relocate for work?” or “What’s it like to work in (place)?” See what other people are saying.

Also, do your own homework. Look up information on demographics, cost, and what it is like to live in the place where the company wants you to relocate to. When you have a better understanding of it you can make a more educated decision. Do your homework and decide if you are willing to relocate or travel. Lastly, go into the interview with a decision, and don’t forget to practice the delivery of your answer.

Wrap Up

“Are you willing to relocate or travel?” is a question that comes up all the time in interviews, and you must be ready to answer it. Evaluate the pros and cons and see if it is advantageous for you in your career.

Have you been asked, “Are you willing to relocate or travel?” in an interview? Share your experience with the community and how your interview went.

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